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Steam Juicer

When doing research for this site I came across a juicer I had never heard of before: the Steam Juicer. Steam Juicers work great on grapes and berries by using boiling water in a lower container to extract juice from the fruit that sits in an upper container.

Using this unique steam process the juicer produces all-natural highly concentrated fruit juice that drips into a center pan and this juice is then used for making jellies or juice concentrates to be used at a later time.

Because steam is used to extract the juice there is no need for any peeling, stemming, pitting or squeezing as the gentle steam action penetrates the fruit and breaks down the fibers thus making it a real time saver in the kitchen. Good quality steam juicers are made from stainless steel with an aluminum-clad bottom for more efficient heating so you want to make sure you check for this before buying.

Steam Juicer – Great For Fruit

A Steam Juicer is perfect for juicing apples, grapes, raspberries, pears, rhubarb, strawberries, currants, pears, elderberries, tomatoes, plums, peaches and crabapples and as I mentioned before is a big time saver since it doesn’t require any squeezing or straining on your part. Just rinse the fruit, throw in the upper container and turn on the heat and you will have concentrated juice in about an hour.

If you like to make jellies and syrups whether for yourself or as gifts you should consider getting a Steam Juicer as the time savings can easily pay for the machine in no time. Figure on spending $150 for a good model.

If you do decide on getting a steam juicer I would be sure to read plenty of reviews before making a buying decision.