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Norwalk Juicer

If you enjoy fresh juice you know that there are many different juicers sold today that you can select from and it can often be hard and sometimes even tiring to find the right juicer that will suit your needs. What often happens is you will either buy the wrong juicer or just get tired of comparing different models and give up.

Without trying to make it even harder to decide you might want to think about the Norwalk juicer. This type of juicer is one that most people have heard of which is a shame as the Norwalk juicer is easily one of the best juicers currently on the market but be warned it is also quite expensive selling for over $2,000.

Norwalk Juicer – Two Step Power

The Norwalk juicer is an electric two step juicer that combines grating and pressing operations into one compact unit. With this machine the fruit or vegetable is grated by a high speed revolving cutter into a linen cloth lined tray which is then placed into a motor driven hydraulic press. They can also be used for grinding a variety of foods and can shave ice too.

This two step process rips open the fibers of the food fed into it so the maximum amount of juice can be extracted through the press this juicer is commercial grade and will last for years due to its strong construction. In fact, there is a market for used Norwalk juicers so you might be able to pick up an older model and save some money.

Norwalk juicers are best suited for the true juice aficionado and due to the high price of the machine is probably not the best choice for first time or casual juicers. But, if money is no object you would be hard pressed to find a juicer that works better than the Norwalk juicer.