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Magic Bullet Juicer

People everywhere were introduced to the real meaning of automation when the Magic Bullet Juicer was first unveiled. This tiny powerhouse was small with a diameter about the size of a coffee cup and could do any cutting, blending or grating job you threw at it in about 10 to 15 seconds.

The Magic Bullet Juicer had been introduced to the world through an infomercial and was a huge success. So much so that soon after another product appeared on TV that has been just as popular.

The Magic Bullet Juicer soon followed the Magic Blender and became an instant hit because people that watch infomercials like buying things and the Magic Bullet actually worked as promised.

These juicers are extremely versatile in the kitchen as it is small and handy thus making it easy to use. People who had bought it and found it so great heartily recommended it to their friends and soon the rush was on. Everyone had to have either a Magic Bullet Blender or juicer.

Magic Bullet Juicer Reputation

The juicer built on the reputation of the Magic Blender and can be found in many kitchens around the world because of its excellent performance. Because of this high customer satisfaction Magic Bullets topped the best selling appliance list in many countries for quite awhile. Besides working well it also was small, relatively inexpensive and trouble free making it one of the go to gadgets in many kitchens.

If you feel you missed out don’t despair as you can still buy both the Magic Bullet Blender and Magic Bullet Juicer in many stores and on the Internet. In fact, sometimes on late night TV you can still see the infomercials running that first started the Magic Bullet craze.

Now call the number on your screen right now before you forget :)