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Juiceman Juicer

Who hasn’t seen Jay “Juiceman” Kordich on TV hawking his Juiceman juicers? I know, infomercial – junk right? Most of the time yes but in the case of the Juice man juicer infomercial there might be some hype but the product itself is top notch. I should know because I bought one in a department store years ago and it works as advertised.

The Juiceman juicer is considered to be one of the more powerful juicers on the market and is considered as being the best by many juice aficionados as well.

There are actually several Juiceman juicer models to choose from, and this would include the Juiceman II Elite, the Juiceman Pro and the Juiceman jr juicer along with any new models not covered here. The Juiceman II Elite is probably the most popular of these three models featuring a larger and wider feed tube that can accommodate whole pieces of fruit. Add to that a two speed electronic control, stainless steel body and a large detached pulp basket and you have a juicer that will satisfy the most demanding juice lovers.

Juiceman Juicer – Power To Spare!

There is a powerful 1/2 hp motor built in which lets you also juice skins and rinds where the highest concentration of nutrients are found – a fact which surprisingly not many people know. Also, the dual speed control system allows for a constant motor speed for maximum performance making this juicer a pleasure to use. Clean up is a snap as the stainless steel strainers lift right off for quick rinsing and the product is built to last making the Juiceman II Elite a great option for those who want better nutrition along with high quality performance and ease of use.

So, if you are thinking of buying a good quality juicer don’t be put off by the cheesy commercials and give the Juiceman juicer brand a try.