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Acme Juicer

Acme juicers are able to convert fresh fruits and vegetables into highly concentrated and pure juices quickly. Models like the Acme 5001 juicer and the Acme 6001 juicer are regarded as some of the best juicers in the world when it comes to extracting essential vitamins and nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Acme juicer is unlike any other blenders and liquefiers because is able to easily pulverize food cleanly separating the pure juice from the pulp. It has a powerful centrifugal action with an inner basket that spins 60 times per second which forces the pure delicious juice through thousands of very minute side openings that stop the pulp from getting through. Instead the pulp sticks to the side making it very easy to clean.

Juicers made by Acme are able to extract every last drop of juice from any fruits or vegetables you feed it and makes a very rich juice that retains the taste of garden-fresh produce.

Acme Juicer Models Are Great For Kids!

Acme juicers are great for making children’s juices so they can drink wholesome pure juice everyday without having to worry about artificial ingredients and preservatives. And the naturally sweet taste of fresh juice eliminates the need to add sugars to your child’s diet.

Raw juice is easily digested and is ideal for those having problems chewing as they can still get the benefits of fruits and vegetables just by drinking them.

No matter what model you choose the Acme juicer has a perfectly balanced flywheel that eliminates the “walking” effect on your counter. It’s also easy to clean requiring just a light twist to release a patented clutch that enables all parts of the unit to come free. The induction motor is brushless so there are no brushes to wear out and requires no maintenance or lubrication. If Acme juicer parts are needed they can be ordered as required.

Owning an Acme juicer will provide you with great tasting pulp free juice no matter what kind of fresh produce you use and your entire family will enjoy the satisfaction of drinking vegetable and fruit juices like never before.