Vegetable Juicer

A good vegetable juicer gives you the opportunity of having fresh wholesome vegetable juices that are made without any additives or preservatives whenever you want.

The first thing you should consider before buying a juicer is whether or not you want one that does not eject the pulp. This will yield more juice but if you don’t like pulp in your juice then opt for a model that ejects the pulp.

Look for a motor rating of 450 watts as more powerful vegetable juicers may result in damaging the nutrients in the vegetables while a weaker motor will clog the juicer more easily and not produce juice as efficiently. Tip: Remember to place the vegetable juicer on a hard flat surface to reduce any vibration.

Vegetable Juicer Models

There are so many different makes and models of vegetable juicers that it can be a problem trying to decide on which one to buy. You might check out the ACME Juicer which is a very popular model. The ACME separates the juice from the pulp through centrifugal action that allows the inner basket to spin 60 times per second forcing the pure juice through thousands of tiny side openings making the juice pulp-free.

And the ACME juicer extracts the maximum juice from vegetables producing a concentrated juice that is far richer in taste than many competing juicers. The ACME juicer also comes with a ten year limited warranty on the motor and can be found for around $200.

Another good vegetable juicer is the Hippocrates Kempo Juicer from Greenpower which is the newest product from the inventor of twin gear extraction process juicers. This vegetable juicer has many advantages over the competing models and makes exceptionally high volume low pulp juices. Selling for around $400 this model is a great choice for the serious juicer.