Orange Juicer

There is nothing like a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning, or for that matter, anytime. I personally have a glass of OJ each night after dinner. If you’re looking to make your own orange juice at home there are several popular orange juicers you might want to consider.

The SQ2 Commercial Juicer is a sleek looking high quality commercial orange juicer with a fast output rate that can easily be used in juice bars, hotels, restaurants and sports clubs where the ability to make multiple glasses of orange juice quickly is important. Oranges roll down the top of the orange juicer into a stainless steel ramp where they are sliced in two and squeezed automatically.

After the juice is extracted the orange rinds are discarded and what makes this juicer unique is that the whole process is visible to your customers who get to see that their juice is as fresh as can be since it is made right in front of them. The SQ2 Orange Juicer can make a glass of juice every seven seconds and it is designed to keep any bitter orange oils from the skin out of the juice so it is sweet and delicious.

Industrial Orange Juicer

The SQ2 is probably overkill for home use so you should take a look at the many home orange juicers available. One popular model is the Manual Citrus Press Fruit-Lemon-Orange juicer. It gives you fresh orange juice and is a sturdy, durable and very efficient juicer that is used in many homes.

This is an inexpensive orange juicer that squeezes orange juice quickly and has a number of features like removable juice cups for easy cleaning and a heavy base which adds stability to the unit. It features a durable ABS handle that generates many pounds of pressure for efficiently squeezing every last drop of sweet juice from an orange and its design lets it blend into any kitchen design. Figure on paying around $20 for this juicer.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated juicer take a look at the Eurodib Automatic High Output Orange juicer without Base. It is a highly automated orange juicer that may be used commercially and can process between 40 to 60 oranges a minute which equals about 3 liters of juice per minute.

This product is not cheap and sells for close to $3,000 but if you are looking for a commercial machine you may find this model can soon pay back your investment many times over. As with all high end juicers it comes with an operating manual and an installation manual that fully explains how to use it.