Black and Decker Juicer

When you want to make fresh-squeezed juice at home a quality Black and Decker juicer may be just what the doctor ordered. With three main models to pick from you can find one that will do a great job for you without having to break the bank.

The CitrusMate Plus is one such model. It is a basic electric juicer that has several options to help your juicing more convenient. This model has two reamers that can be changed; small for lemons or limes and a larger reamer for oranges and grapefruits. Because it is electrically powered you do not have to use any effort at all to make juice like you would with a manual reamer.

The CitrusMate comes with a large quart size pitcher into which they juice is squeezed and includes a built-in screen to remove seeds. This handy juicer also has a lid for the pitcher so you can put your juice in the fridge for storage. You will want to be sure and completely clean this model juicer after each use to protect it from citric acid damage.

Black and Decker Juicer – The Handy Juicer Is Still Reliable

The Handy Juicer model is one of the most inexpensive in the Black and Decker line and is perfect for making the occasional glass of juice. Holding up to 28-ounces of juice the Handy Juicer also has the convenient built-in strainer. It is small enough to squeeze just fresh juice for one or two people and easy to clean.

The cord conveniently stores underneath the juicer and it quickly comes apart for easy cleaning. All the parts on this juicer are dishwasher safe and another nice touch is the drip-free spout for easy serving. The clear serving container lets you to see how much juice you have squeezed so you don’t overdo it.

Boasting a large 400 amp motor the Black and Decker Juicer not only makes fruit juices but also makes quick work of vegetables too. The sturdy stainless steel cutting blades and strainer provides maximum juice extraction and has a juice capacity of 10 ounces and of course it is easy to take apart and clean with most parts being dishwasher safe.

An extra large capacity strainer basket allows for easy removal and cleaning for continuous operation so you can make several glasses of juice without stopping. This is the most powerful unit in the Black and Decker juicer line and if you are shopping for juicers you will find that this model will provide many delicious glasses of juice for you and your family.