Home Juicers – Fun And Nutritious

When I first tried fresh carrot juice I was very surprised at how sweet and delicious it was. As my wife and I made other fresh juices we quickly realized that homemade juice was much better than canned or bottled store bought juice:

  • No preservatives or additives
  • Fresher and better tasting
  • You control what goes into your juice
  • You only make what you need
  • It’s cheaper to make your own juice
  • You get more nutrients from fresh juice
  • It’s fun to make :)

If you are into making your own fruit and vegetable juices and looking for a new home juicer or are just starting out you will find plenty of great information on home juicers on our site.

Tomato Juicer

If you have ever tried to make your own tomato juice or sauce you know the value of having a tomato juicer in your kitchen. Squeezing tomatoes by hand while it is in a large pot is not appealing to many people and the resulting product usually contains many small seeds and bits of skin.

Many hand tomato juicers on the market resemble an upside down funnel and come with a mallet to force the juice through the funnel holes which are small enough to keep the seeds from mixing in with the juice. By removing the skin before running them through the juicer you can help to keep it from getting clogged up.

To remove the skin you can submerge tomatoes in boiling water for about 10 to 15 seconds and then dunk them in cool water so your hands won’t get burned when you peel them. The skin should then be easy to peel off using nothing but your hands and they can then be placed in the tomato juicer and forced through to the bowl sitting underneath.

Tomato Juicer Hassles

Not everyone wants to hassle with this manual process like my Mom used to and today there are electric tomato juicers that can extract more juice in less time with no effort at all.

In fact, a decent regular juicer can be used as a tomato juicer but the tomatoes should be peeled first to prevent the skin from clogging the machine. This is still much better than the old hand strained method and will easily product more juice from the same number of tomatoes.

If you are going to be processing a large number of tomatoes you might want to look into getting a steam extractor to make your tomato juice and sauce. These work by placing the tomatoes and a little water into a pot with a sealed lid over heat. When the tomatoes reach about 165 degrees F the juice is forced out of a small hose at the bottom and into an awaiting jar. Yes a bit more work than a regular tomato juicer but for volume it can’t be beat.

Wheatgrass Juicer

There are many reasons why you should buy a wheatgrass juicer for your home once you understand how beneficial wheatgrass juice is to your health.

In order to understand the full health benefits of a wheatgrass juicer you will need to know what wheatgrass is and why it is so very good for you. Wheatgrass is a plant from which fresh leaf buds can be crushed in order to make fresh juice or the buds can be dried to make a powder.

Benefits Of A Wheatgrass Juicer

Wheatgrass advocates claim that regular intake can actually improve the digestive system and prevent diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Some also claim that wheatgrass cures constipation and helps to detoxify heavy metals from the bloodstream while cleansing the liver. Still others say that wheatgrass can prevent hair loss and also helps make menopause more bearable.

With all these claims it is easy to see why it can be such a great idea to buy a wheatgrass juicer because all you have to do is take the fresh leaves off of the plant and put them in the juicer. The resulting juice is both delicious and incredibly healthy and really takes no time at all to make.

You can usually find wheatgrass juicers where you would find fruit and vegetable juicers but you might have to go online if you live in a town with limited shopping as this is more of a specialty type juicer but it can be well worth the effort when you consider the health benefits a wheatgrass juicer can provide for you.

Manual Juicer

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are recommended by doctors and other health professionals as a great tasting way to get much needed nutrients into our bodies. If you live alone and don’t cook very much you might want to consider buying a manual juicer that is small and convenient that will allow you to make a glass of juice when needed without all the mess and cleanup.

In our modern hi tech world it can be hard to believe that some people still use a manual juice extractor but the fact is they are convenient, cheap and still the most efficient way to make a glass or two of orange or lemon juice quickly.

Many people still use a manual juicer because they don’t use any electricity, are small and easy to clean, inexpensive and can even give you a way to release a little stress while grinding away making juice.

The Disadvantage Of A Manual Juicer

The main disadvantage to using a manual juicer is that it is manual. You have to put in the effort to get the juice extracted and you need to be careful to keep the seeds out of the juice. It can also be messier to use than an electric model when all is said and done. But if you like doing things the old fashioned way and like the hands-on approach when you cook you will overlook these shortcomings.

Since a manual juicer has no moving parts they are fairly cheap and any brand will do a good job for you but you might want to consider what the juicer is made of as there are many models made out of plastic, metal and ceramic. Also look for extras like built-in sieves to strain out the pulp and seeds from the juice as many very cheap manual juicer models may not have them.

Vegetable Juicer

A good vegetable juicer gives you the opportunity of having fresh wholesome vegetable juices that are made without any additives or preservatives whenever you want.

The first thing you should consider before buying a juicer is whether or not you want one that does not eject the pulp. This will yield more juice but if you don’t like pulp in your juice then opt for a model that ejects the pulp.

Look for a motor rating of 450 watts as more powerful vegetable juicers may result in damaging the nutrients in the vegetables while a weaker motor will clog the juicer more easily and not produce juice as efficiently. Tip: Remember to place the vegetable juicer on a hard flat surface to reduce any vibration.

Vegetable Juicer Models

There are so many different makes and models of vegetable juicers that it can be a problem trying to decide on which one to buy. You might check out the ACME Juicer which is a very popular model. The ACME separates the juice from the pulp through centrifugal action that allows the inner basket to spin 60 times per second forcing the pure juice through thousands of tiny side openings making the juice pulp-free.

And the ACME juicer extracts the maximum juice from vegetables producing a concentrated juice that is far richer in taste than many competing juicers. The ACME juicer also comes with a ten year limited warranty on the motor and can be found for around $200.

Another good vegetable juicer is the Hippocrates Kempo Juicer from Greenpower which is the newest product from the inventor of twin gear extraction process juicers. This vegetable juicer has many advantages over the competing models and makes exceptionally high volume low pulp juices. Selling for around $400 this model is a great choice for the serious juicer.

Waring Citrus Juicer

The Waring Citrus Juicer is mainly used for commercial production of large quantities of fresh squeezed juice with many restaurants and bars use a Waring Juice Extractor daily in to produce high quality juice quickly without mess or noise.

But, you too can use a Waring Juicer at home particularly if you have a large household and need to always have several jugs of fresh juice in the fridge available for your thirsty crowd because this juicer can really pump out the juice.

Waring Juicers have many features that allow for ease of use and maximum flexibility. Even though Waring Juicers are made for heavy duty use they are very compact and attractive and will fit into any kitchen decor.

The Waring Citrus Juicer comes with vibration damping feet for quiet operation and a reamer that lifts off for easy cleaning after each use and other removable parts can be placed it directly in the dishwasher as they are all dishwasher safe.

Waring Citrus Juicer – Made In The USA

The Waring Juicer is made in the United States so getting parts and repairs is pretty easy but with the 5 year limited motor warranty and 1 year overall warranty that probably will not be necessary. The best place to look for a Waring Juicer is in the major department stores or you can often find deals that include free shipping online like at Amazon.com.

You can be confident when you buy a Waring Juicer as it is made to last for many years and will provide everything that you are looking for in a high quality juicer. So no matter if it is to be used in a business or at home a Waring Citrus Juicer is money well spent if you are serious about the juice you drink.

Steam Juicer

When doing research for this site I came across a juicer I had never heard of before: the Steam Juicer. Steam Juicers work great on grapes and berries by using boiling water in a lower container to extract juice from the fruit that sits in an upper container.

Using this unique steam process the juicer produces all-natural highly concentrated fruit juice that drips into a center pan and this juice is then used for making jellies or juice concentrates to be used at a later time.

Because steam is used to extract the juice there is no need for any peeling, stemming, pitting or squeezing as the gentle steam action penetrates the fruit and breaks down the fibers thus making it a real time saver in the kitchen. Good quality steam juicers are made from stainless steel with an aluminum-clad bottom for more efficient heating so you want to make sure you check for this before buying.

Steam Juicer – Great For Fruit

A Steam Juicer is perfect for juicing apples, grapes, raspberries, pears, rhubarb, strawberries, currants, pears, elderberries, tomatoes, plums, peaches and crabapples and as I mentioned before is a big time saver since it doesn’t require any squeezing or straining on your part. Just rinse the fruit, throw in the upper container and turn on the heat and you will have concentrated juice in about an hour.

If you like to make jellies and syrups whether for yourself or as gifts you should consider getting a Steam Juicer as the time savings can easily pay for the machine in no time. Figure on spending $150 for a good model.

If you do decide on getting a steam juicer I would be sure to read plenty of reviews before making a buying decision.

Samson Juicer

The Samson Juicer comes in two models; the Samson Twin Gear and the Single Gear. The Samson Twin Gear extractor produces juice from all kinds of green vegetables even pine needles, wheat grass, and barley grass.

Using the latest technology, the Jang Type Twin Gear prevents stringy fibers from clogging the machine and the Bio Magnetic System in the gears helps extract the maximum amount of juice.

This Twin Gear model is easy to clean and uses powerful magnets and bio-ceramic materials in its Juice Bowl and Twin Gears which are claimed to keep the juice fresher so it can be stored for long periods of time. Samson Juice extractors also claim that they can filter out harmful pesticides thanks to its juice extractor filters.

Samson Juicer – Features Galore

Another feature of the Samson Juicer is that the twin metal gears never touch one another and so there is no possibility of metal scraps getting into the juice or pulp. It also features double adjustable pulp inlet caps which allow for high levels of juice to be extracted from a variety of fruits as well as vegetables.

It is nearly silent while running thanks to the low speed motor rotation of 160 rpm and there is very little heat generated because of its unique twin gear impeller and pressing system. Fruits are completely crushed instead of being cut and shredded into small pieces like other models. The Samson Twin Gear also has a ten year limited warranty and you can usually find one for around $500.

The Samson Juicer Single Gear model GB-9001 can also extracts healthy juices from a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables and can also extract juice from aloe and pine needles which is quite remarkable given its price.

The Samson Juicer company has been a pioneer in gear juicers and leads the way in technical innovations while their competitors try and catch up. The Single Gear model comes with a five year warranty on parts and labor plus a ten year warranty on the motor and you can usually buy one for around $300.

Orange Juicer

There is nothing like a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning, or for that matter, anytime. I personally have a glass of OJ each night after dinner. If you’re looking to make your own orange juice at home there are several popular orange juicers you might want to consider.

The SQ2 Commercial Juicer is a sleek looking high quality commercial orange juicer with a fast output rate that can easily be used in juice bars, hotels, restaurants and sports clubs where the ability to make multiple glasses of orange juice quickly is important. Oranges roll down the top of the orange juicer into a stainless steel ramp where they are sliced in two and squeezed automatically.

After the juice is extracted the orange rinds are discarded and what makes this juicer unique is that the whole process is visible to your customers who get to see that their juice is as fresh as can be since it is made right in front of them. The SQ2 Orange Juicer can make a glass of juice every seven seconds and it is designed to keep any bitter orange oils from the skin out of the juice so it is sweet and delicious.

Industrial Orange Juicer

The SQ2 is probably overkill for home use so you should take a look at the many home orange juicers available. One popular model is the Manual Citrus Press Fruit-Lemon-Orange juicer. It gives you fresh orange juice and is a sturdy, durable and very efficient juicer that is used in many homes.

This is an inexpensive orange juicer that squeezes orange juice quickly and has a number of features like removable juice cups for easy cleaning and a heavy base which adds stability to the unit. It features a durable ABS handle that generates many pounds of pressure for efficiently squeezing every last drop of sweet juice from an orange and its design lets it blend into any kitchen design. Figure on paying around $20 for this juicer.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated juicer take a look at the Eurodib Automatic High Output Orange juicer without Base. It is a highly automated orange juicer that may be used commercially and can process between 40 to 60 oranges a minute which equals about 3 liters of juice per minute.

This product is not cheap and sells for close to $3,000 but if you are looking for a commercial machine you may find this model can soon pay back your investment many times over. As with all high end juicers it comes with an operating manual and an installation manual that fully explains how to use it.

Norwalk Juicer

If you enjoy fresh juice you know that there are many different juicers sold today that you can select from and it can often be hard and sometimes even tiring to find the right juicer that will suit your needs. What often happens is you will either buy the wrong juicer or just get tired of comparing different models and give up.

Without trying to make it even harder to decide you might want to think about the Norwalk juicer. This type of juicer is one that most people have heard of which is a shame as the Norwalk juicer is easily one of the best juicers currently on the market but be warned it is also quite expensive selling for over $2,000.

Norwalk Juicer – Two Step Power

The Norwalk juicer is an electric two step juicer that combines grating and pressing operations into one compact unit. With this machine the fruit or vegetable is grated by a high speed revolving cutter into a linen cloth lined tray which is then placed into a motor driven hydraulic press. They can also be used for grinding a variety of foods and can shave ice too.

This two step process rips open the fibers of the food fed into it so the maximum amount of juice can be extracted through the press this juicer is commercial grade and will last for years due to its strong construction. In fact, there is a market for used Norwalk juicers so you might be able to pick up an older model and save some money.

Norwalk juicers are best suited for the true juice aficionado and due to the high price of the machine is probably not the best choice for first time or casual juicers. But, if money is no object you would be hard pressed to find a juicer that works better than the Norwalk juicer.

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