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Greenstar Juicers

Greenstar Juicers Make Juicing Easy

With everyone struggling to keep up with the hectic pace of modern day life the time left for household tasks like cooking are shrinking everyday. Because of this many people are always on the lookout for ways to further simplify their lives so they can get a few moments of relief to catch their breath and spend more time with children and spouse.

The Greenstar juicer is one such product that can cut the time spent in the kitchen.When you first think of a juicer you will probably think of an appliance which is designed to make juice and nothing else. Greenstar juicers, though essentially a juicer, can still perform many more household tasks in the kitchen, making it more of a kitchen robot than a juicer. There are models of Greenstar juicers that can chop, make pasta and even knead bread dough.

Greenstar Juicers Really Produce The Juice!

One feature that stands out with a green star juicer is the twin gears which give you unprecedented power. Greenstar juicers are designed and built to be a heavy duty appliance and the twin gears makes for more thorough blending with even the food items at the top being blended in smoothly

Another unique feature is the ability to adjust the pressure which will make it easier for you to blend hard substances like coconut while the lesser pressure feature permits fast blending of soft and medium vegetables and fruits.

Extremely effective as a juicer (since Greenstar juicers are primarily juicers) it is not surprising that it is very efficient at juicing. Greenstar juicers even have extra features that allow for the extraction of the pulp even when juicing very soft fruits.

It also delivers unbeatable performance when it comes to citrus juice making. The Greenstar juicer is designed to give the maximum possible yield of citrus juice possible. No other juicer can extract more volume of juice from citrus fruit as the Greenstar juicer. The Greenstar juicer also has a number of available accessories which enables it to perform kitchen tasks like making pasta and noodles, kneading dough, grinding rice and so much more.

From the instant you have this appliance in your kitchen you will wonder how you got along without it as you find new uses for it. If you are looking for something that will do a little more than a standard juicer the Greenstar juicers are definitely a product worth looking into.

Electric Juicer

It can often be hard to decide on which juicer to choose given the fact that there are simply so many different makes and models to choose from.

Juicers are either electric or they are manual and each has their own advantages. With a manual juicer you use good old fashioned elbow grease to ream your fruit to extract the juice. They are quiet, cheap and easy to clean. You can also use them anywhere since you don’t have to plug them in so they are good for camping and picnics.

An Electric Juicer Does Cost A Bit More

Electric juicers on the other hand are more expensive, bigger, louder and take more time to clean. But an electric juicer has so many more advantages over manual juicers that the only reason you should consider a manual model is if you only have citrus based fruit juice occasionally.

Why only citrus based fruit? Well have you ever tried to get juice from an apple? How about a carrot or wheatgrass? What is the difference between a citrus juicer or a regular juicer?

With an electric juicer you have so many more juicing options that other than some fruits like bananas there is really not much in the way of fruits or vegetables that can’t be juiced.

Another key point is that on the more powerful electric juicers you don’t even have to peel the fruit or vegetables before juicing them!

Since the machine does all the work you will get less tired and will be able to make juice faster than manually and an electric juicer extracts much more juice than you could ever get doing it by hand so overall you will get more juice for your money. In fact, you could easily save enough money to pay for the electric juicer itself.

Citrus Juicer

There are many advantages to owning a citrus juicer, especially in comparison to a regular juicer, and it is in fact basically essential that you use a citrus juicer if you are juicing citrus fruits, primarily in regards to the way that the actual citrus juicer is built. There are many different sizes and styles of the citrus juicer, and so you will want to take this into consideration so that you end up purchasing the one that you like best.

What are the Differences?

There are may differences in regards to the citrus juicer, and you will want to take at least most of these differences into consideration so that you can result in finding the one that will work best for you in regards to both in the way it works and the way that it is designed. For instance, you will want to choose a color that compliments the existing color of your kitchen, so that the colors will not clash and so that you can thus leave it out on the counter if you wish and it will compliment the room.

Where can I go to get a Citrus Juicer?

There are many places that you can go to buy a juicer of whatever sort you wish, and one of the best places however would be, which is a company that not only sells juicers and other kitchen accessories, but one that also offers information in regards to what you should know about juicers before you make any type of purchase.

For example, when you are buying your first juicer, then you should know that there are several different things that you should take into consideration; for example you want to find a juicer that is able to juice a variety of fruits and vegetables, and this is important because many first time juicer buyers have no idea what they will be juicing and then they end up buying a juicer that does not fit the requirements that they actually needed.

Overall the most important thing that you need to remember is the fact that it is truly worth it to take the proper time and consideration in regards to your decision, so that you will end up with the best quality citrus juicer possible, and so that you will also be fully satisfied.

Braun Citrus Juicer

A fresh glass of fruit juice in the morning is not only tasty but much healthier than juice from a can or bottle and that is why you should give serious thought to buying a Braun citrus juicer for your kitchen.There are so many juicers available today that it can be very confusing choosing the model that is right for you. However, there is a simple way to choose the right juicer and here are some tips which will help you pick the right model for your needs.

The first thing is to decide how much you will use your juicer. For instance, do you have children that you will be making juice for? Are you single and only have time to make juice on the weekends? Do you and your family enjoy fresh fruit and vegetable juice and plan on having different kinds of juice throughout the day?

Once you answer those questions you will have a better idea as to the size and quality juicer you need to go shopping for. Now it’s just a matter of wading through the many choices and picking one.

Braun Citrus Juicer – Quality and Convenience

To help save you some time you might want to consider the line of Braun juicers. They are made for both casual once or twice a week use as well as heavy duty several times a day use with quality and durability being a hallmark of the Braun line.

There are a few different types of the Braun citrus juicer with the Braun mpz9 Citromatic juicers being just one of the many model choices. Braun also has manual juicer models which are great for those who live alone and use juicers infrequently.

Bear in mind that a Braun juicer may be a little more expensive than a generic brand juicer but if you love fresh fruit and vegetable juice you will be very pleased with the overall quality and ease of use of the Braun.

These juicers are safe to handle and have a superb warranty to protect you from any unlikely problems you might have making the Braun an excellent juicer choice. Black and Decker also have three main models to choose from you may want to consider.
Braun is a German based company founded in 1921 and like all of their other appliances their juicer models reflect the precision engineering that German products are famous for.

So, when you buy a Braun citrus juicer you might want to think of it as an investment in your health as you will surely get many years of use from whichever model you decide on.

Black and Decker Juicer

When you want to make fresh-squeezed juice at home a quality Black and Decker juicer may be just what the doctor ordered. With three main models to pick from you can find one that will do a great job for you without having to break the bank.

The CitrusMate Plus is one such model. It is a basic electric juicer that has several options to help your juicing more convenient. This model has two reamers that can be changed; small for lemons or limes and a larger reamer for oranges and grapefruits. Because it is electrically powered you do not have to use any effort at all to make juice like you would with a manual reamer.

The CitrusMate comes with a large quart size pitcher into which they juice is squeezed and includes a built-in screen to remove seeds. This handy juicer also has a lid for the pitcher so you can put your juice in the fridge for storage. You will want to be sure and completely clean this model juicer after each use to protect it from citric acid damage.

Black and Decker Juicer – The Handy Juicer Is Still Reliable

The Handy Juicer model is one of the most inexpensive in the Black and Decker line and is perfect for making the occasional glass of juice. Holding up to 28-ounces of juice the Handy Juicer also has the convenient built-in strainer. It is small enough to squeeze just fresh juice for one or two people and easy to clean.

The cord conveniently stores underneath the juicer and it quickly comes apart for easy cleaning. All the parts on this juicer are dishwasher safe and another nice touch is the drip-free spout for easy serving. The clear serving container lets you to see how much juice you have squeezed so you don’t overdo it.

Boasting a large 400 amp motor the Black and Decker Juicer not only makes fruit juices but also makes quick work of vegetables too. The sturdy stainless steel cutting blades and strainer provides maximum juice extraction and has a juice capacity of 10 ounces and of course it is easy to take apart and clean with most parts being dishwasher safe.

An extra large capacity strainer basket allows for easy removal and cleaning for continuous operation so you can make several glasses of juice without stopping. This is the most powerful unit in the Black and Decker juicer line and if you are shopping for juicers you will find that this model will provide many delicious glasses of juice for you and your family.

Astro Juicer

Editors note: It appears that the Astro juicer is no longer for sale (or at least extremely difficult to find). Based on that I suggest the Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain or the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor as affordable alternatives.

It can often be hard to get through a normal day without hearing more bad news about the effects of the typical diet on your health. Our hectic lifestyles include long hours at work or school, quick meals using packaged foods or restaurant takeout.

Add to that the stress of everyday life with too little exercise and you have a recipe for disaster. Common sense and health experts alike tell us to eat more fresh natural foods like fruits and vegetables but somehow we fail to listen. The good news is that adding these much needed food nutrients is easy when you use a juicer like the Astro juicer.

An easy way to add natural fresh juice to your diet is to replace the nutritionally empty beverages we already drink. The first thing in the morning you should prepare a fresh glass of juice instead of a cup of coffee. You should try to get your morning energy from natural nutrients instead of caffeine. Removing the pulp makes it easy for your “morning” stomach to digest the pure juice. Many juicers such as the Astro juicer will remove the unwanted pulp as it juices the fruit. Fill an insulated jug with fresh juice to drink during your while you work instead of soft drinks or coffee.

Astro Juicer – Blast-Off!

When you get home at the end of the day start up your Astro juicer instead of reaching for a sugary snack and replenish the nutrients that you lost during the day. Instead of a soft drink with your meals try adding some sparkling water to a glass of fresh juice for a refreshing drink that is nutritious and delicious. Many models come with free recipes for juice and you can use them as is or change them up to suit your tastes.

Before going to bed have some fresh vegetable juice to steer clear of an attack of sugar based sleeplessness. Once you are comfortable using an Astro juicer throughout the day you can start to find ways to add fresh juices to your cooking. Adding fresh vegetable juice to gravies and sauces adds a subtle depth of flavor to any dish. Add fruit juice to deserts and if you enjoy baking you can use the fruit and vegetable pulp to make muffins, cookies and breads. The pulp from carrots makes an excellent base for a carrot cake.

The convenience of a good juicer that’s easy to use and clean is the key your successful switch to a juice based diet. An Astro juicer on your kitchen counter can make nutrition quick, easy and fun. Just think, rather than trying to find different ways to make and eat five daily servings of fruits and vegetables you can get the same health benefits (less the fiber of course) with a quick glass of fresh juice a couple of times a day.

We all know the benefit of cranberry juice in our diet. Just think what a difference something like homemade fresh cranberry juice would make rather than a store bought sugar laden bottled juice. This is just one of the many juicing possibilities awaiting you and your Astro juicer.

Acme Juicer

Acme juicers are able to convert fresh fruits and vegetables into highly concentrated and pure juices quickly. Models like the Acme 5001 juicer and the Acme 6001 juicer are regarded as some of the best juicers in the world when it comes to extracting essential vitamins and nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Acme juicer is unlike any other blenders and liquefiers because is able to easily pulverize food cleanly separating the pure juice from the pulp. It has a powerful centrifugal action with an inner basket that spins 60 times per second which forces the pure delicious juice through thousands of very minute side openings that stop the pulp from getting through. Instead the pulp sticks to the side making it very easy to clean.

Juicers made by Acme are able to extract every last drop of juice from any fruits or vegetables you feed it and makes a very rich juice that retains the taste of garden-fresh produce.

Acme Juicer Models Are Great For Kids!

Acme juicers are great for making children’s juices so they can drink wholesome pure juice everyday without having to worry about artificial ingredients and preservatives. And the naturally sweet taste of fresh juice eliminates the need to add sugars to your child’s diet.

Raw juice is easily digested and is ideal for those having problems chewing as they can still get the benefits of fruits and vegetables just by drinking them.

No matter what model you choose the Acme juicer has a perfectly balanced flywheel that eliminates the “walking” effect on your counter. It’s also easy to clean requiring just a light twist to release a patented clutch that enables all parts of the unit to come free. The induction motor is brushless so there are no brushes to wear out and requires no maintenance or lubrication. If Acme juicer parts are needed they can be ordered as required.

Owning an Acme juicer will provide you with great tasting pulp free juice no matter what kind of fresh produce you use and your entire family will enjoy the satisfaction of drinking vegetable and fruit juices like never before.